We are your IT department.

Protecting your business is the core of our business.

We are a team of experienced, dedicated information technology experts committed to the integrity of your systems and the success of your enterprise. When your systems are working right and worry-free, you can focus on what you do best.

About Harack Consulting.

We are your IT Department.

In order for your business to be secure, thrive, and remain competitive, you must proactively invest in your technology. Waiting for your system to fail can be a costly mistake, especially if you have to outsource IT services in an emergency.

Our Clients.

Who are our respected clients?

Our clients are growing businesses whose leaders understand that using the right equipment – and managing it effectively – is imperative to the success of their business, medical, or legal practice.

The Harack Vision.

Our approach is always "people first".

Our mission is to help people to adopt a different stance in which technology enables your business to grow, rather than be an expensive burden or "necessary evil".

Our Team.

We are in the people business.

Harack only employs upbeat and trustworthy IT experts with personality, who speak in plain language, who look clients in the eye, and who don’t stop working until they answer every question.


Are you an IT genius with a killer work ethic, a dynamic personality, and the ability to explain things in a way that non-techies can understand? If so, you probably already work at Harack.


info@harack.ca  ·  204-488-4163